AAT powers Acsa weather feed

AAT has a passion for weather, having run weather services for the last 8 years with a humble start as a developers “pet project” to now running one of SA’s most popular weather sites at www.southafricanweather.co.za and now you too can add weather into your services using our weather API so chat to us for more information.

Airports Company South Africa (Acsa) has launched a mobile application to provide travellers with up-to-date flight and terminal information, as well as information unique to each airport such as detailed airport maps with shop and restaurant details.

Acsa group manager for customer care Claudia Ramsden says the idea is to connect passengers to all information available at whichever airport they happen to be at.

The Airports app was developed in partnership with the Digital Solutions Group. Its development was based on research that showed that 39% of Acsa customers are tech-savvy and between the ages of 16 and 35.

Acsa serves about 35m passengers a year.

CEO Tebogo Mekgoe says the research shows that most airport users want more self-service options. “This app is a way of using technology to respond to passenger requests.”

The Airports app is available for iOS, Android and older BlackBerry phones.

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