AAT to Workshop at the IMC Conference in Durban

On Tuesday 24 March 2015, AAT will be hosting a WorkShop at the IMC (Integrated Marketing Conference) in Durban. It will be facilitated by Alan Haarhoff and the topic is: “Future of Mobile Marketing Promotions: The Omni-channel Consumer and Consumer Protection.”

The workshop description is below:

South African mobile consumers are unique – how well do you know them, the channels to reach them through and the regulatory environment?

In this interactive Workshop we will cover the disparity between mobile consumers in South Africa evident in behaviour and stats.

We’ll then demonstrate mobile channels relevant to basic, feature and smartphone markets as well as digital voucher options for rewards.

Case Studies include:

  1. Wimpy
  2. Isolezwe
  3. Heineken
  4. Fusion Juice
  5. LEGiT

We’ll also touch on consumer protection by highlighting areas of PoPI, the CPA and the WASPA Code of Conduct that every marketer should be aware of.

Look out for prizes in our “Game of Phones”!

To register for this please visit http://imcconference.com/durban/