Airtime and Data Rewards

Our Airtime and Data Rewards API allows you to purchase and distribute Airtime, Data and Prepaid Electricity vouchers in real-time.

Why use Airtime and Data Rewards?

  1. Supports multiple Mobile Network Operators
  2. Supports Airtime, Data and Prepaid Electricity vouchers
  3. Allows instant purchase and distribution of vouchers
  4. Volumes from a few hundred to thousands per day
  5. Incentive for consumer participation
  6. Rewards for consumers

Mobile Rewards Use Cases

  1. Brand competitions with instant prizes
  2. Encourage product trial and adoption
  3. Reward purchase
  4. Consumer and Staff motivation
  5. Airtime recharge
  6. Data recharge

Technical Details

The API allows the following functions:

  1. GetNetworkList – Displays supported Mobile Networks
  2. GetVoucherType – Displays available mobile vouchers
  3. GetVoucher – Retrieve a voucher
  4. PerformPinlessRecharge – Recharge automatically
  5. PerformPinnedRecharge – Recharge with a PIN
  6. PerformPinnedRechargeWithoutMsisdbn – Purchase voucher without distribution
  7. PerformPinlessRechargeFixedAmount – Custom voucher amount
  8. PerformPinnedRechargeFixedAmount  – Custom voucher amount
  9. PerformPinnedRechargeWithoutMsisdnFixedAmount  – Custom voucher amount without distribution

Request our API Documentation

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