Always Active Mobile launches their new website

In this day and age mobile phones are ubiquitous. With research showing that 96% of South African working adults use a cell phone, few savvy marketers should require persuading to integrate mobile solutions in their marketing campaigns and promotional strategies.

Mobile offers a highly responsive two-way communications channel with significant advantages over traditional marketing. It affords a simple to use, fast and direct solution, which is easy to track.

With a plethora of mobile solutions available, knowing which solution will deliver the best results requires a deep understanding of the industry says Alan Haarhoff, General Manager of Always Active Mobile (AAM). “The sky is the limit with truly integrated mobile solutions, however while it’s not a one fits all solution, implementing the optimum solution can deliver impressive results.”

For three years AAM has carved a niche in the South African mobile industry, priding itself in being a full-service mobile solutions provider with a proven track record. In recognition of the work they deliver, AAM scooped three prestigious Mobile Marketing Association Smarties™ global awards in 2015/2016 for best-in-class mobile marketing campaigns from around the world.

Keeping ahead of the curve

Determined to always remain ahead of the curve, AAM recently launched its new website to showcase the variety of mobile solutions on offer, ensuring that brand managers more easily identify the solutions that they require.

“We created six new categories – Retail and FMCG Solutions, Financial Service Provider Solutions, Brandchat Instant Messaging, Mobile Messaging, Mobile Messaging for Developers and MStatements – to more effectively bundle our services,” says Haarhoff. Within each category a variety of solutions is detailed for ease of use.

retail-and-fmcg-solutions mstatements mobile-messing mobile-messaging-for-developers financial-service-provider-solutions brandchat-instant-messaging


“No matter your needs, we have got you covered,” says Haarhoff. “Our expertise coupled with a variety of mobile solutions enables us to deliver results for clients across a variety of industries including FMCG, Retail and Financial Services.”

AAM’s mobile solutions include: Bulk SMS, Instant Messaging, mStatements, Facebook Messenger, Airtime and Data Rewards, Remote Staff Management, Field Research and Store Price Audits and more.

About Always Active Mobile

Always Active Mobile (AAM) is an Always Active Technologies (AAT) company, specialising in helping brands and organisations deliver mobile solutions through scalable and secure mobile platforms. The platforms are handset agnostic and support basic, feature and smart phones, ensuring compatibility with the variety of phones found in South Africa.