To App or not to APP

It is no secret that App users are a far more lucrative market segment than traditional online shoppers, their return rates and purchase value are generally higher and your application “logo” has its place on your clients screen re-enforcing your brand. With all of this going for them why would you not want to place yourself in this market?

Well competition for one, look at the variety of Apps that a user may have on his phone: Zando, Superbalist, Spree, Takelot, Gumtree, OLX , Mr Price and then the mandatory banking app, Google maps and games make for a crowded market and an even more crowded phone. There are 3.3 million apps in the app store but according to Business Insider “a staggering 65.5% of US smartphone users fail to download any new apps each month”.

Apps are clunky, they require users to find the App in an overcrowded App store and then install an application that not only chews data but also takes up space on the actual device. From the companies side if you are not constantly updating your content to peak interest, users are not going to continually come back to your app and take these extra steps to communicate with you.

So what’s next, you definitely should get a quick response and you should not have to install a clunky app. The answer is ChatBots and to see what the industry leaders think visit:

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