Remote Staff Management

Managing a team of staff who need to check-in and check-out of set locations is no longer a challenge with BrandChat’s Staff Management solution.

Check-In, Check-Out with GPS

From their own mobile phones staff can checking-in to a location using GPS authentication to prove they are at work on time and that they are where they should be. Exceptions are reported on.

Staff can also share media such as:

  • pictures
  • video clips
  • Voice clips
  • written feedback
  • GPS location

At the end of a shift staff can easily check-out and report back on sales figures, engagement and other measurable activities.

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Full, real-time reports are aggregated into dashboards, insights and key indicators and presented beautifully and securely on your browser. Reports include:

  1. Reporting on all check-ins and outs
  2. Reporting per staff member
  3. Reporting per Location
  4. Alerts if staff have not checked-in
  5. Excel Data Reports

BrandChat’s Staff Management solution

How does BrandChat work?

BrandChat runs over readily available Instant Messengers (IMs) such as WeChat and Facebook Messenger.


Facebook Demo

To try out our Facebook Messenger demo please click below:


WeChat Demo

Please scan the below QR Code with WeChat. You can also search on WeChat for the official account “alwaysactive”:

BrandChat’s Staff Management solutionBrandChat’s Staff Management solution

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