Store Price Audits

BrandChat’s store price Audits allows for rapid collection and verification of rich in-store data with immediate reporting and analysis.

Rich Data

As BrandChat runs on readily available Instant Messengers, audit staff can use their own mobile devices to quickly collect and analyse price data. This includes rich data such as:

  • Pictures of product
  • Pictures of product on-shelf with pricing
  • Videos of full shelf vieew
  • Pictures and Videos of competitor products
  • GPS location for store check-in
  • Written feedback
  • Structured feedback for quick analysis



Full, real-time reports are aggregated into dashboards, insights and key indicators and presented beautifully and securely on your browser.

BrandChat  BrandChat

How does BrandChat work?

It runs over readily available Instant Messengers (IMs) such as WeChat and Facebook Messenger.


Facebook Demo

To try out our Facebook Messenger demo please click below:


WeChat Demo

Please scan the below QR Code with WeChat. You can also search on WeChat for the official account “alwaysactive”: