Bulk MMS

An MMS message present a far cooler experience compared to SMS. They can include text, videos, pictures and sound files. The experience is far richer and this allows brands a higher chance of resonating and being remembered by the recipient.

They are viral in nature as if they are seen to add value (for example a sale or special) or to be entertaining (such as a humorous video) they can be forwarded by the recipient to multiple contacts.

MMS are Presonalised and Created Uniquely

Every MMS message we send is created uniquely – we know the make and model of the mobile phone we are sending to and this allows us to “shape” the content to snugly fit the recipient’s phone screen size.

We also don’t deliver to older devices that do not support MMS, and we do this by “scrubbing” the database to target only higher end feature and smart phones that can receive and play the multimedia message. We can then send an SMS to basic and feature phones.

always-active-mobile-mms-example mobile-mms-example-2 mobile-mms-example-3


MMS Reports

Our delivery receipts are updated in instantly allowing for granular reports on all delivered MMS.

MMS Campaign Management

We prefer to manage campaigns closely as the multimedia content needs to be created and tested effectively before being sent as an MMS Message..

Our campaign management includes:

  1. Creative design
  2. Quality Assurance Testing to a pool of phones
  3. Scheduling of campaigns to conform to WASPA regulations
  4. Full reporting

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