Email 2 SMS

Email 2 SMS is designed for Developers to rapidly connect legacy systems and websites that already have Email functionality into our SMS Gateway.

E-mails are received, converted into SMS and delivered. Incoming SMS replies can be converted back into e-mail and delivered to your e-mail inbox.


Why us Email 2 SMS?

  1. Simple and rapid integration into new and existing servers
  2. Send and Receive SMS
  3. Receive personal Email 2 SMS mail account
  4. Secure with sending limited to set “From” addresses
  5. Error SMS notifications
  6. Includes EMS – Extended SMS
  7. Includes single SMS and Bulk SMS calls
  8. Includes detailed reporting on SMS status with Network delivery receipt
  9. International and local Bulk SMS support


Email 2 SMS Use Cases

  1. Deployment into legacy systems
  2. Deployment into web systems
  3. Enhancement to e-mail alerts
  4. Systems that require rapid integration of Bulk SMS
  5. Single SMS messaging alerts
  6. Sending and Receiving of SMS (Conversational)


Request our API Documentation

Please contact us if you would like a copy of our documentation or a trial account loaded with 50 free SMS credits.

Email 2 SMS