Facebook Messenger

The App within an App

Chatbots are now live on Facebook Messenger – and this has the potential to completely transform how people engage with brands and organisations.

Messenger allows personal interaction between consumers and brands – solving marketing and business problems extremely efficiently.

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Why is Facebook Messenger special?

According to Forrester research most people spend 84 percent of their time in just five Apps each month, making it a constant challenge to fight for consumer’s attention in the App space. It thus makes sense to use an App that is already installed and used by consumers.

Messenger also allows personal and conversation based engagement. This takes the Facebook experience to a new level where consumers can interact directly with their brand for services such as:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Customer Support
  3. Interactive Competitions and Experiences
  4. Sharing and receiving of multi-media content
  5. Opt-In for relevant alerts


How does Facebook Messenger work?Messenger integrates into our BrandChat Instant Messenger platform that includes Instant Messengers (IMs) such as WeChat, Skype and Telegram.

To try out our Facebook Messenger demo please click below:





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