FTP 2 SMS offers you a pure Bulk SMS API for sending anything from a few hundred to thousand SMS via FTP. (File Transfer Protocol)

SMS are sent by uploading a .CSV file to an FTP location which we would poll at regular intervals to collect the file(s) of SMS waiting to be processed.


Why us FTP 2 SMS?

  1. Simple and rapid integration into new and existing servers
  2. Send and Receive SMS
  3. Restrictions for blocking SMS delivery during set times
  4. Support of FTP and sFTP (Secure FTP)
  5. Error SMS notifications
  6. Includes EMS – Extended SMS
  7. Includes detailed reporting on SMS status with Network delivery receipt to the same FTP location
  8. International and local Bulk SMS support


FTP 2 SMS Use Cases

  1. Bulk SMS sending
  2. Marketing SMS sends
  3. Deployment into legacy systems
  4. Deployment into web systems
  5. Systems that require rapid integration of Bulk SMS
  6. Sending and Receiving of SMS


Request our API Documentation

Please contact us if you would like a copy of our documentation or a trial account loaded with 50 free SMS credits.