Designed for developers, the HTTP/HTTPS interface allows you to send and receive SMS messages and query current and past SMS deliveries using HTTP request with XML or JSON response.

This provides Developers with a comprehensive, customizable and scalable SMS functionality.

The benefit of this service is that there is no interference with existing firewall or security infrastructure, and it can be speedily integrated into your system.

HTTP 2 SMS includes an EMS option, which allows for messages of up to 2,000 characters.

Why us HTTP 2 SMS?

  1. Simple and rapid API integration
  2. Rapid, real time SMS delivery
  3. Supports XML and JSON
  4. Supports HTTPS
  5. Includes EMS – Extended SMS
  6. Includes single SMS and Bulk SMS calls
  7. Includes detailed reporting on SMS status with Network delivery receipt


HTTP 2 SMS Use Cases

  1. Time sensitive notifications
  2. OTP (One Time Password) notifications
  3. Critical Alerts
  4. Systems that require rapid integration of Bulk SMS
  5. Single SMS messaging alerts
  6. Sending and Receiving of SMS (Conversational)


Request our API Documentation

Please contact us if you would like a copy of our documentation or a trial account loaded with 50 free SMS credits.