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When we look at the stats people are spending more and more time on their mobile devices so  when it comes to sending client information and marketing we know the medium we want to use.

However, your audiences’ preferences are unique and changing. More and more of their communication is being done over Instant Messaging Platforms that allow Rich Text, Images, clips and more importantly give control over who may contact you.

This technology also allows companies the ability to communicate better and save money by routing through new, more personalised channels. One of the drawback’s for companies wanting to make this move is having to select an Instant Messaging platform to use and then initiating large-scale changes in the way their company currently sends out its information.

IMactive changes all this, our unique routing service means no changes to your current sending process - you still just send the same XML call or BULK SMS file as always. The magic happens when your file hits out IMactive routing service. We take your messages and route them over user’s platform of choice, whether it be, Skype, telegram, WhatsAPP, WeChat, Messenger and even good old-fashioned SMS.

IM platforms also allow for BOT’s to be setup allowing for automated two-way communication for any frequently asked questions or provide the user with options to reply.

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