LEGiT Mobi Site

Working as a technology house under the banner of The Publishing Partnership (TPP), AAT developed and hosts the LEGiT mobi site.

In line with the mobile landscape in South Africa, we developed the mobi site with basic and feature phones in mind. However we also wanted to embrace users with high end smart phones to ensure that they can have a mobi experience that matches their phones capabilities. As such the mobi site renders well on all mobile handsets, from basic and feature phones to smart phones.

Using the “Store Find” as an example, consumers with GPS will be asked if they can be located with their nearest store automatically shown to them. Users without GPS can easily browse through a series of drop down options to find their nearest store.

The LEGiT mobi site is feature rich and entertaining with users enjoying an average of just over 5 minutes browsing time per session.

Check it out and register at www.legit.mobi

Pix 2 Mobi

LEGiT consumers can e-mail pictures from their mobile phone to a dedicated e-mail address or MMS number.

Pictures are received to the on-line CMS (Content Management System) and approved pictures can be published immediately to the mobi site.

(Pictures can also be cropped by the Administrator if need be.)


  1. Smart phone version
  2. Feature & Basic phone version
  3. CMS enabled
  4. User Registration
  5. Facebook Integration
  6. Twitter Integration
  7. Blog integration