Making Data Matter

Always Active Mobile has collaborated with some of the biggest sales & marketing agencies in South Africa, offering mobile solutions to help agencies and brands reach their objectives.

Marketing and Sales has become more about brand engagement and really understanding a consumer’s behaviour, understanding why the consumer clicked that link, or bought that flavour soup by not trying to interpret figures but by just asking the client the right questions.

AAM offers a variety of solutions with multiple functions, one of the functions being data collection & analysis. The platforms we offer allow users to conveniently provide insightful feedback on their mobile device. This would most commonly be done by means of a survey, most effectively done when there is an incentive for the users. You could set up an in-depth multi-media survey on IM platforms like Facebook Messenger, and this seems to be the more “new school” approach but we have found that the “old school” platforms like USSD are also very successful and effective.

Most recently, we worked on a USSD project with an amazing Marketing Agency who focus on brand engagement in order to form a real understanding of how to drive & satisfy your brands consumers. We sat down with the team and first discussed what the objective was? In order to create a USSD Survey that provided insightful consumer feedback, we needed to ask the right questions, in the right way. This is a big part of what we do at AAM, not just taking a set of instructions and blindly developing a solution, but taking time to understand why, what and how so that we are able to suggest best practices and provide quality data. All this, using our mobile solutions!

When working with our clients, it’s important to us to build strong relationships. We want to be there to assist in the planning, best practices and overall success, where we can. We want to be there to offer a helping hand during the planning and development but also after the project is launched to provide support and assistance.