Mobile Maps for Nedbank App

Early in 2012, MapIT and AAT were approached by Nedbank to integrate their mapping technology into the Nedbank Mobile App Suite.

The maps are used to offer search and directions functionality for finding Nedbank branches, ATMs and self-service terminals.


The brief was to ensure that the maps were presentable and navigable on all mobile devices comprising of tablets and mobile phones with the latter including smart, feature and basic phones. This included iPads, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy tablets, Blackberrys etc.

Nedbank’s brand promise is that of a “unique, device-adaptable and customisable banking experience.”


To meet this challenge we adapted the mapping “Cloud“ or SaaS (Software As A Service) to focus on delivering maps on 3 key platforms. We identified these as High, Medium and Low which spoke to the device capabilities:

  1. High Device Capability – for example iPhones. Core technology was JQueryMobile and HTML5.
  2. Medium Device Capability – for example Blackberrys. JQueryMobile was dropped and we focused on HTML4, CSS and JavaScript.
  3. Low Device Capability – for example feature phones. We set aside CSS and JavaScript and focused on XHTML.

Senior Developer Nic Papadopoulos summarised: “Hosting the mapping site gave us control over implementation and updates which allowed Nedbank to focus on their core development features without having to worry about the mapping technology.”

The App can be downloaded from the Blackberry, Apple and Google App Stores.

For more information on the App please visit