Mobile Statements

mStatements (mobile statements) allow you to securely send any financial statement (credit statement, salary statement, bank statement, utility statement) direct to your clients mobile phone without them having to install an App or download software.

Branded, Personal and Secure Mobile Statements

Just like a traditional paper statements, mStatements are branded in line with your brand guidelines and contain personal information for your clients.

What’s important to us is that each mStatement is created uniquely. Not only are they personalised: we take it a step further and shape each statement to snugly fit the recipient’s mobile phone screen size and capabilities.

This allows the statement to be clearly viewed on feature phones with small screens and on smart phones with larger touch screens.

To make sure the information is secure, mStatements are PIN code protected and digitally encrypted.

Pay Now

Where better to have a payment link then directly on your Statement. Always Active Mobile has integrated with multiple Payment Portals making receiving payments directly to your account by Credit card or Instant EFT just a click away.

Live Reports

Reports are live and offer full transparency on statement delivery rates and statement reading.

With 96% of South African working adults using a cell phone (MMA SA Mobile Reports – AMPS2015AB) isn’t it time to take your statements mobile?

mStatements Advantages

  • Cost savings on paper, printing, envelopes and postage
  • Increased efficiency through this automated ITC business solution
  • Supported on all mobile phones
  • Live delivery receipts
  • Live read receipts
  • Instant delivery
  • Database Scrubbing: We only send to compatible handsets therefore reducing wastage
  • Statement is rendered to display on any mobile phone screen size
  • Increased awareness as mobile statements have higher view rates than e-mail and post statements
  • Scheduling: Allows scheduling to manage call center load
  • Advertising: Can use mStatements to promote other products and services


Mobile Channels

We use a variety of channels for “pushing” statements and allowing clients to “pull” statements to their mobile phones. We also take into account the variety of mobile devices from basic to feature to smart phones:

  1. SMS delivery
  2. IM (Instant Messaging) delivery
  3. USSD pull
  4. Mobi pull

mStatements allow your clients to receive and query their financial statements from their mobile phone without installing an App or downloading software. mStatements work on all phones – it is truly handset agnostic.

mStatements deliver financial statements securely in the palm of your hand

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