Allowing users to OPT out of your marketing SMS’s at no charge is now not only a legal requirement for many industries but also makes business sense. Why would you want to continue to spend marketing budget on clients that do not want to receive your messages.

One classic solution is to use Reverse billed binds (allowing for users to reply free of charge), but we find the increased sending and the 50c per message receiving costs often don’t make this the most best solution.

There are other shortfalls of RB binds such as:

  • Are we sure users want to be removed from all Marketing material and not just from a specific product or service?
  • Does your current platform allow users to OPT-In to receiving communication?

By directing subscribers to a free-to-use USSD service (to OPt Out dial *134*202*1#), they get the ability to select exactly what they would like to Opt In or Opt Out of receiving.

Finally, when using third parties to run campaigns or lead generation, you can be certain that your company is 100% legally compliant.

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