Reverse Billed Mobile Data

The cost of Mobile data is a concern for many South Africans, the ability to have a free to use site or service is exceptionally important when trying to communicate with as large a audience as possible or to ensure that staff in any location are able to access certain of your information through their mobile devices or routers.

Always Active Mobile can Reverse Bill mobile traffic that hits a specific IP address, Apps, Domains or even subdomains.

Why use our Reverse Billed Data service

Reverse Billed Data is commercially offered by all networks, but each Network has their own application with lengthily lead times and then their own monthly costs. AAM is able to offer a quicker set up (7-14 days) and you pay only a portion of the Monthly fees normally charged by the networks.

So whether it’s a site for employees to access off site or a campaign that you want to offer, our fast implementation, cost savings and flexibility make us a perfect choice.