How the simple “message”, is changing everything!

Do you still send SMS’s to your friends and family? If so, you are officially old school. When it comes to your business however, does the new modern age of OTT (Over the Top) services really offer a more effective communication channel, than simply sending an SMS to a client?

In this new smartphone-obsessed world we live in, more communication is being sent through OTT applications such as Skype, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber and Snapchat than ever before.

When it comes to sending videos, images, sound files and even chatting in social groups however, SMS simply cannot compete anymore.
But what about the business’s sending Marketing & Notification messages?

Currently OTT providers, that do feature API’s for businesses, require their clients to “Friend” their business accounts first, before they can receive their broadcast messages.
They don’t allow the sending of direct marketing material either. Any potential savings, expected from using IM, are simply eaten away by sheer amount of man hours needed to run multiple platforms.

So why should businesses still be interested in using IM?

How are Bloomberg and WhatsApp currently pushing news to their users?

Read their interesting article on Broadcast Messages by clicking here:

To find out what “Bots” can offer your business in terms of creating rich 2-Way communication, read our article on To App or Not to App.

You should now understand how IM will redefine the way we interact with our customers. We have found a way to keep the simplicity of the SMS, while bolting on the rich functionality of IM. Always Active Mobile has patented a unique routing system that does exactly that.

If you are a firm favourite of “Old School” but interested in finding out how AAM could route your traffic through OTT (Over the Top) channels, give us a call.