SMPP 2 SMS is ideal for advanced users who would like to connect directly to our SMS Gateway to send and receive Bulk SMS.

SMPP is suitable for enterprises and FSPs intending to send large volumes at high speeds. With SMPP you are continually connected to our gateway for 24/7 messaging.


Mobile Number Portability

We handle this by allowing you to bind as normal via SMPP with your source address regardless of which MNO (Mobile Network Operator) you wish to send to. We then intelligently route your SMS should the destination number be ported.


Why use SMPP 2 SMS?

  1. Supports high volume Bulk SMS sends
  2. 24/7 connection to our SMS Gateway
  3. Send and Receive SMS
  4. Error SMS notifications
  5. Includes EMS – Extended SMS
  6. Includes detailed reporting on SMS status with Network delivery receipts
  7. International and local Bulk SMS support
  8. SMPP 3.4 Spec Standard
  9. Volumes from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands per day


SMPP 2 SMS Use Cases

  1. Bulk SMS sending of high volume SMS
  2. Critical OTP (One Time Password) SMS delivery
  3. Time sensitive SMS delivery
  4. Sending and Receiving of Bulk SMS


Technical Details

Clients should send messages with data coding set to 3 / 0x03 (Latin-1). 0x00 will work but not all characters will display correctly.

There are two options available of SMPP 2 SMS:

  1. The Standard option is where users connect directly to us and the SMS’s are sent using our network binds.
  2. The second option is where we host /manage your own SMSC binds on our Gateway which are dedicated for you.


Request our API Documentation

Please contact us if you would like a copy of our documentation or a trial account loaded with 50 free SMS credits.