Tech for a good cause

A Durban-based company puts team effort and reliable technology towards furthering good causes in South Africa.

SMS donation drives, telephonic pledges and online campaigns have become commonplace when disaster strikes or when a charitable cause is placed under the spotlight. In particular, SMS donation drives are a preferred utility through which monetary donations can be facilitated.

But behind all good causes and donation drives lie an ocean of technology and companies that actively participate in promoting the causes and enabling donations. One such company is Durban-based Always Active Technologies.

Founded in 2001, Always Active Technologies made its name through providing mobile, geo-location and Wireless Application Service Provider (WASP) services to a number of high- profile businesses in South Africa and abroad, even providing support to Scotland Yard during 2002’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. More recently, the company found itself devoting time and team effort towards more community-focused challenges. By looking back at ‘older’ mobile technologies like USSD and SMS, it realised that the simplicity and ease of use of these technologies could help with solving complex challenges that communities face during times of crisis. And so the mHope division of Always Active Technologies was born.

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