Top 10 Mobile Phones on the Vodacom Network

These stats are from November 2014, and they show us the top 10 handsets (mobile phones) on the Vodacom network. By my calculations they represent roughly 25% of Vodacom’s user base.

Note that these are the most popular by volume on the network and not by ARPU or any other activity measure:

What I find interesting is the lack of Wi-Fi even in some of the devices that are internet (mobile data) enabled, as well as the ubiquity of FM radio.


If you take into account that some people consider that a Blackberry Curve is not a smart phone, then all of the Top 10 are basic and feature phones.

South Africa has a long way to go until we see this chart dominated by smart phones, and if you want to help in a small way read my thoughts on this here.

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