As part of their “We Are Women” Campaign, Lil-Lets needed to completely re-do their current web and Mobi sites, while focusing more on mobile and social channels for user engagement and competitions.
Working under tight deadlines (3 weeks) as the technical provider to TellPeach and M&C Saatchi Cape Town, we re-built the Lil-Lets website from scratch and introduced USSD as a channel to touch all brand engagers.

Brief and Challenges:

  1. Ensuring that the website rendered and displayed successfully on all browsers
  2. Ensuring that the website rendered perfectly for smart phone and tablet devices
  3. Reaching and allowing participation for consumers who do not have access to the mobile internet
  4. Web, Mobi, USSD, QR Code development

Dev Summary

Website :
USSD : *120*LETS#
Delivery : 3 weeks

“One” Web Address

Using “Responsive Design” we ensured that the website displayed correctly on all screen sizes, including mobile.

This negated the need for Lil-Lets to advertise multiple website addresses, for example,, as the single address would automatically render it’s content for the device it is displayed on.

For users without access to the mobile web, we built a USSD site that mirrors as much as possible the functionality and content available on the website.

Tackling channel fragmentation head on, this allowed users to engage on their channel of choice as features such as Registration and the Period Planner could be accessed through Web, Mobi, USSD and Facebook.